Chills with rigors.. when we put patients on iv route how to

Chills with rigors.. when we put patients on iv route How to settle patient.. only avil inj or anything else



Nice share Debasish, u r right, max it takes 30 mts with drugs like Avil, Primacort, half an hour with ur placebo therapy, good concept, if you don't give anything the attendants, as well as the patient blame the doctor or staff.

Thank you doctor

DrTapan Sankar, in fact you are more exposed to such cases, but could please tell how Calcium gluconate works in this scenario, mere a placebo or has any role, as a critical care specialist your comments please.

If not subsided by Avil go for IV Hydrocortisone 100 mg stat.

Dr Sanjay Bokade, tell the patient & attendants that Avil being an anti histamine causes sedation, counsel & give.

Stop fluid, automatically stopped after few minutes. Nothing to give only counsel.

I usually push normal saline as placebo. That works like primacort or avil

Thanks Tapan, Good explanation.

dr mohan - calcium gluconate decreases capillary permeability in allergic condition.

Some patients are allergic to anti histaminics. Please try to remember the fact though rare.

inj.avil and hydrocortisone as krishna Sir has advised ...

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