Arsenic alb 30-3 drops, camphor 30-3 drops, coupram mate 30-3 drops, veratrum alb 30-3 drops, aqua - an aus - mix these. This is a quantity. Giving cholera thrice daily benefits in cholera. If the disease is aggravated, give the medicine in small quantities as soon as possible, when the condition of the patient improves, the time interval should be increased. Cufia viscocissima Q - 5 Bund, Coupram Mate 6X - 2 Bund, Veretrum Alb 30X - 2 Drops, Jatropha 3X - 2 Drops, Spirit Camphor-5 Drops, Aqua - Half Aus. Mix them. This is a quantity. Four units should be given daily. It can also be given as soon as the disease becomes acute. Cufia viscocissima Q - 5 drops, Opium Q - 10 buds, Podophyllum Q - 2 drops, menthapip Q - 3 drops, Veretrum alb 30-2 drops, Sprint Kampfer - 5 drops, Aqua - half an ounce - mix these. This is a quantity. Four doses should be given daily.

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