chough, cold , mild fever × 3 day runny nose wheezing ,dyspneoa. 4 month old baby


1...wrongly placed x ray 2.....right side >>left side lower zone air trapping 3....trachea shadow to right side.........seems bronchiolitis ////////suspect foreign body also

X-RAY chest NAD. Treat it as a case of viral bronchiolitis

Viral bronchiolitis . No antibiotics should be thumb rule . Nebulization with 3 percent ns or adrenaline .

X ray Normal Treat ayptomatically Nasomist nasal drop 3 to 4 times Nebulization Cough suppressants Plain paracetamol

X -ray chest --NAD Symptomatic treatment nebulizer. Antihistamine and antipyretic drops orally. Maintain nutrition hydration and hygiene.

Thanks Dr Dinesh Gupta

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Bronchiolitis. Treatment with good hydration , warm humidified 02 if possible hhhfnc & other symptomatic treatment.

Xray chest is NAD Treat as viral infection

Thanx dr Deepty Nauriyal

URI may be viral , bacterial, allergies, needs further investigation till then treat symptomatically.

Treat as Common cold with viral infection.

Cxr shows NAD Viral fever

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