Chronic sore throat

33 years old female patient has come with sore throat for past 1 month Last month when this started she took antibiotics cource with amoxy 500 and it resolved for few days but then again recurred after few days 10 days later the patient had complain of a rash on arms and a few mouth ulcers. Now rashes and ulcers have subsided but throat problem persists On examination inflamed post pharyngeal. No post nasal dripping Tonsils normal On auscultation b/l equal air entry, no added sounds There was no relevant medical history of systemic diseases Prakriti vata pitta Agni Vishama bala Jihva sama Mala sama sticky & sinking in water How to diagnose this case?




This can be streptococcus infection, these bacteria also cause skin rash with fever. Which is known as Scarlet fever. These bacteria can live in oral and nasal cavity. Skin rash is produced by the toxins of the streptococcus bacteria. Most sore throats are due to this same organism. To confirm the diagnosis, swab can be taken from back of the throat and tested.

Thank you Dr. @Nihar Ranjan Mohanty , @Dr. Dinesh Gupta

Gurgle with lukewarm salt water./ 50gm Triphala churna 50gm yastimadhu churna 10gm Tankana basma (Mix it well and keep) Gurgle with 1tsp of above combination in 1glass of Luke warm water 2/3 times a day

Pomegranate,gud ginger pepper sprouts kalijeeri lime juice, lemongrass decoction alkaline,boiled diet, gargles of turmeric powder and rock salt

Ask to Gurgle with warm salty water... Else apart from homepathy km, nm like Medicines can be helpfull...

Yograj guggalu Arogavardani vati Tab extrammune Tab kofil Gargle with warm salty water or triphala kasyam


Properly hygiening with betadine gargle Tab. Azy 500mg Tab.Montar fx Tab. Deflzacort 6 mg

I agree with Dr twara aashish


Advise for Gandoosh and Kavala Dharana using Sukoshna Triphala Kashaya Patient already took Antibiotics so start with with Koshtha Shuddhi by Langhana and Mridu Virechan Then Advise for Giloy Ghan Vati Khadiradi Vati Sitopaladi Churna + Madhu for Lehana Jufex Syp

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