Chronic spongiotic dermatitis pathology

A 25-year-old female presented with asymptomatic lesions linearly arranged over her left upper extremity. The initial lesion first appeared fifteen years ago and new lesions gradually appeared over time.No h/o joint pain or infection. She had a past h/o posttraumatic distress disorder and depression. She also had a skin biopsy of the right forearm which showed chronic spongiotic dermatitis. Plz, suggest the Dx and Rx.




DD of linear lesions at left upper extremity: 1 Linear Verrucous Epidermal Nevus 2 Incontinentia Pigmenti 3 Ichthyosis Linearis Circumflexa 4 Linear Porokeratosis 5?? Skin biopsy. HP reported as Chronic Eczematous Dermatitis may be different disease.

Chr linchen hypertrophicus D/dChronic eczematous dermititis

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Eczematous dermatitis Advised biopsy from all the lesions

sections show hyperkeratosis, elongated rete ridges, acanthosis, spongiosis and mononuclear inflammation in the sub epithelial tissue. Imp: Histology suggests a psoriasiform dermatitis.DD: prurigo nodularis subacute to chronic spongiotic dermatitis. To correlate clinically.

Linear psoriasis : Linear psoriasis is an unusual clinical variation of psoriasis that manifests segmentally along the lines of Blaschko. A major differential diagnosis is inflammatory linear verrucous epidermal nevus

? Eczematous dermatitis ? Psoriasis

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? Linear Psoriasis

* Eczematous dermatitis ** L P

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Eczematous dermatitis

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Eczematous dermatitis

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