Cirrhosis of liver patient with Speen enlarged. Cough and fever with weight loss since 1 month. X-ray shown here. How will you proceed?



bilateral cavitatory lesions s/o ptb

Cirrhosis liver means deranged liver function so LFT with prothrombin time. Splenomegaly means portal hypertension and chest with fibrocavitating lesion . Investigation to confirm pul.TB. Endoscopy to see oesophageal varices . Onverification treatment to be initiated

What about CF

Xray findings suggest infiltrative lesions of Koch's both lung fields with cavity lesions right upper zone due to which cough and fever are the symptoms (super added infection may be possibility)


CXR show Fibro Patchy Infiltration all zones with cavity both upper zones, large one Right, Right C P Angle is unsharp . The patient being Immunocompromised (CLD), these lesions are likely Pulmonary TB. Needs Sputum AFB and CBNAAT also Gram stain and culture.

Sir If we have to start att which medicines should be given

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B/l fibrocavitatory lesions in a immunocompromised (CLD) patient with blunted right cp angle....BAL fluid for culture plus staining....CECT thorax to be done

X- Ray picture is that of bilateral pulmonary tuberculosis. Metastatic disease- Canon ball secondaries can be a possibility

Bil cavities with infiltrates?Tub cbnaat required then he can be given Inj Steptomycin ,Eth, levoflox

I agree with Dr U Sanglodkar

X ray shows multiple shadows with suspected cavitatory lesions in upper lobes.. Possible kochs.. Send sputum culture or do bronchoscopy and BAL culture..

Thanks for views.
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