CKD pt with congestive hepatomegaly,mild pleural effusion and ascitis.

A 72 year old male in CKD -5 ,with DM-ll,HTN complains of very less amount of micturition...His S.Creatinine level on 11.09.20 was 8.5mg/dl which raised to 11.8 mg/dl on 28.09.20.He underwnt dialysis twice with 2 BT. His USG abdomen with other blood reports after dialysis are attached.Kindly Diagnose the rapid increase in creatinine and advice for further m/n.



Patient is in stage of CKD 5 with DM with HYN that is total dependent on GFR rate that is inverstionally perpotional to KFT This report indicates hyponatremia with hypokalemia with hypochloremia

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