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Clinically Speckled Leukoplakia || Malignancy

❄ 67yrs old lady presents with oral ulcer for 10mths & not responding to any medicine. O/E: Ulcerated erythematosus lesion with surface granularity & white unscrapable patch. Palpable mobile firm non-tender bilateral submandibular lymph nodes. Kind Dx..


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Though clinical appearance is of speckeled leukoplakia, presence of palpable lymph node is suggestive of malignant transformation sir

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As per history of 10 months of oral ulcer with bilateral submandibular lymphadenitis in a case of 67 yr age. Chronic ulcer oral cavity , Leukoplakia but better to R/O SCC

Thank you sir

My P/D: Malignancy D/D: Speckled Leukoplakia Thanks & I respect all valuable opinions of all respected participants. Thanks once again.

Leukoplakia - Ulcerative SCC/ Non Specific Ch. Ulcer?

Erythematous ulcer with varying degree of induration bilateral nontender firm lymphadenopathy WARNING SIGN AND SYMPTOMS SIR advise Biopsy probable SSC Erythroplakia converting CA CA in situ

Its a case of leukoplakia.

This is probably scc pt looks to be addict to tobacco and keeps tobacco at the site of ulcer hence granulating and not healing biopsy is must.

Leukoplakia. Biopsy done to rule out ca

Suspicious leison... can be squamous cell carcinoma...go for incisional biopsy to reach the diagnosis and treat accordingly till then put the pt on Antioxidants and multivitamin

Leukoplakia.have a marginal biopsy of lesion

It seem like nodular leukoplakia Biopsy should be done for diagnosis

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