coins size lesions/spots, since last 4 days, increasing in numbers



black slough actinomycosis skin intact hypoderma red sloughing

Insect bite allergy reaction

in field level diagnostic aids are very less..go for broad spectrum.. fppfor 5 days ivermectine 4days inervel for 3 dises smultivitamins tonicsfor 20 days ,CPMfor 5 days..for long c ourse.

Seems like allergic reaction may get be due to insect bite. Try with antihistamines. Lesions may recur by further insect bites.

This could be Lumpy skin disease an capripox viral diseases moving across AP , Odhissa, TN and Kerala.

looking like allergic reaction due to pollen grain or insects bite... go for skin scraping too...

lesions are covering various body surface. i dont think its a insect bite. btw you can use anti histamine.

may be case of tryps. go for blood analysis

Ring worm infection.Treat with antihistamines,Inj.Ivermectin,Inj.Vit.A,Apply neem oil topically

Harpes virus infection...

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