• Naxvomica 6-1 Bund, Colocynth 30-2 Bund, Belladonna 3X - 2 drops, Magnesia Fos 30X - 2 grains, Sugar of Milk-10 grains. Mix them all together. These are two units. Give four quantities daily - dissolving in lukewarm water. • Chloroform Q - 10 drops, Belladonna Q - 5 drops, Gingiber Q - 10 drops, Hyoscyamus Q - 5 drops, Opium Q - 5 drops, Colocynth Q - 1 drop, Aqua-1 oz. Mix them. This is a quantity. Giving thrice daily is beneficial in stomach-ache, gastric-inflammatory, gastroenteritis etc. If pain is more, you can give it quickly.

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