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With a view to serving you better, we request you to let us know your thoughts regarding having access to a Drug Index.



To know Composition, Mechanism of action, with Advances & Indications & advantages. Doses with rout of administration and how it is given - dilution speed & frequency , total duration & to see efficiency . Side effects, precautions &contraindications.

Medicine prices.

Yes .To know the formulation, dose , advantages and disadvantages , contraindications , precautions and prevention. To remember the new aspects of medicine

Checking the order of efficacy and duration of action.

A drug index although may be useful and helpful in some cases...can also provide...a helping hand in boosting immunity... although the natural immune booster of calmness and ginger are the best

Yes ,to refresh memory.Good idea .

Due to lack of my Knowledge.

Need of time systematically