Comment on the anterior segment findings. No history or examination details available Source: internet



Okay this is a post lamellar keratoplasty picture. The lines are rejection lines. 1. SPK are usually not seen without stain. These are remnants of granular dystrophy 2. These two horizontal lines are the epithelial rejection line.

S P K ( herpes) . As there is hyphema in the lower part , possibility of herpes anterior uveitis is more . However, there is no congestion . The oblique lines in cornea maybe nerves in the cornea.

Lines of epithelial rejection after lamelar kerato plasty Average time of onset of rejection is 3 months usually self limiting Traetment is topical steroides

Could be multiple kps of variable size. Lower part shows horizontal level which could be hypopyon associated with iritis which seMS to be of non granulomatous . There are fibrin vcoagulum deposits on the back of the cornea. This is seen as linear deposit on the surface of lens..slit lamp exam will make it clearer. Ask for history of backache. Get HLO B27 done as it is mostly due to ankylosing spondylitis


@@Dr Neha PL give the details finding. Hyphaema which has carefully covered . Let us have the final detail slit lamp findings etc. etc. so that final diagnosis can be made

viral keratitis in form of spk and filaments or can be due to severe dry eye also

It is cataract stained with Trypanblue dye before anterior capsulotomy step ; dye is seen at 6' o clock position ; pupil has got constricted unfortunately

Cud b epithelial dendrites in healing stages r spks. Btw 3-6 clk hrs cellularity seen r subepithelial r ant stromal haze

Looks like SPK .

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