comment on the given X-ray chest along with probable reason for the hilar shadow. I will post ct scan later.



There is a left paraspinal shadow.. May be a cause for exaggerated hilar shadow.. A drain like shadow is also visible from this shadow going down. Definitely needs ct scan or proper history to proceed further..

Sir. .I have posted one x ray chest sir..awaiting for ur expert opinion..Thank you sir

Hilar shadow because Pulmonary hypertension Lt.lung shadow because of enlarge heart or aneurysm .

pt also has gross cardiomegaly with RV and LV dilatation evident on both CT and x-rays

CXR,pa view,good exposure,w ell centralized,trache central. female patient probably lt side mastectomy operated no soft tissue or bony abnormality CT ratio high suggestive of cardiomegaly.obliterated lt side cardiophrenic and costophrenic angle. probably lt side effusion? or pneumonia.? Koch ? Rt side cavitary changes at Rt mediastinum.

it's A-p view

right head of femur has some expansile lytic lesion.axillary calcified lymph node.. mastectomy left bony cage abnormal right side ? past surgery... left lower zone opacity ? herniated stomach due to diaphragmatic paralysia

there is left sided para spinal tube like shadow with irregular calcification going below...even below gastric bubble...better seen in zoomed if you consider anatomy there are two tube like structure one is oesophagus which should end near gastric bubble n other is aorta,which will continue below that. so final impression is unfolding of aorta with circumferential calcification.

Xray s.o cardiomegaly with rt hilar prominence with some soft tissue mass like on rt side the rib cage of rt side seems to be abnormal.. rib spaces are narrowed need ct for evaluation and is there any history of surgery..

In fact to me it looks like absence of silhouettes sign. Therefore opacity could be left lung mass or consolidation

Let basal Pneumonitis

esophagus is replaced by other bowel so a rounded contour seen left side along spine for thus reason he has aspiraion pneumonitis left lower lobe and also rt side may be mass or axillary lymph node enlargment

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