Comment on this IVU of 45 year old male patient who presented with pain abdomen. Sorry dont have other images.

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Sir this seems like a left hydronephrotic system likely due to Obstruction. We need to see how this system drained and what was the post void residual. There are chances of it being an obstructive megaureter as well. Need to rule out history of ureteric calculus, tuberculosis or contact with it and correlate with other imaging studies.

Left Hydronephrosis with PCS dilatation, Left hydroureter.... To look for left Vesicoureteric junction calculus and outlet obstruction on Plain KUB film or Ultrasound pelvic scan.

Bilateral hydronephrosis, more on right side, it's benign enlargement of prostate, advised USG, PSA factor, decide accordingly.

better to do diuretic Renogram study before DJ stenting to rule out Functional drainage n obstruction of left kidney. then follow up diuretic renogram after removal of DJ stent, if done.

lt vuj obstruction with proximal hydroureter with hydronephrosis

Hydronephrosis Lt. Hydroureter. Post voided film is eequired to dx obstruction at ureterovesical junction and also for intramural obstruction cause.

left hydronephrosis...with hydro look for left vuj obstruction .most likely view of acute pain.

lt side vuj obstruction with hydroureter and hydronephrosis may be intraural obstruction

There is defenitely some obstructive pathology at the lower most end Possibility of primary obstructive megaureter should be borne in mind if there is no distal calculus

left vuj stricture with proximal hydroureteronephrosis

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