Comment on xray of 76 year old esrd patient with history of fall

A 76 year old male with ward, dialysis dependant, has history of fall towards right side 7 days back, presents with severe right lumbar region pain and lower back pain. No local swelling locally Kindly see the xray and if you find any abnormality.



L5s1 spondylolisthesis. Advised conservative analgesics ls belt. Pt is not fit for surgery as on now. If the neurodeficit increases if his renal condition improves by kidney transplant he can undergo surgery. Reducton of listhesis with l5S1 rods&scrwe fixixation can be done

Listhesis L5/S1 Spondylolysis L5 Rule out secondaries spine MRI screening of spine

Sir, what would be the palliative way of managing it in this case,as patient is debilitated and dialysis dependant?

Fracture L5S1 ?sec prostate ca

Thank you doctor

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