Commonly used Balavardhaka in Clinical Practice

Presently, there is an infinite dimension of concept of "Bala" it has also spread towards sports medicines with intentions for increasing Shareera bala and exercise capacities. What is your Go-To Classical medicine for Balavardhana in patients? Share your experience with us.

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I use Ashwagandha..churna.or tab.with . Sidha makardhavaj .swarn yukt Incredible reslult.. I also use to my father in tremor..general debility..old age weakness.. Result in 4 to 5 days.. My clinical experience

अश्वगंधा एवं मकर धवज।

None of above bcoz Arvindasava we give to children's, Ashwagandha no doubt is Balya but generally we give in stress disorders. Dashmularishta generally we give to female patients however works on both sex and Makardhwaj to male generally. Suvarnamakshik Bhasma alone is not used

Ashwagandha + makradhwaja

Very good Absolutely right answer.

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