Complain of slurring of speech since morning - hemodynamically stable - known diabetic / hypertensive . What next best step ?



Acute rt frontotemporoparietal lobe SDH. Mass effect with midline shift and sufalcian herniation to left side. Diffuse cerebral oedema. Needs neurosurgical opinion regarding decompression and evacuation of SDH

Right subdural hematoma with mass effect and midline shift to left and Subarachnoid extension of bleed.

It's a case of right subdural hematoma with midline shift to left.

What is GC Score? If scoring is davating towards neurointervention is just & if not keep a watch on sco're meanwhile medical treatment.

Acute sdh spontaneous Check bleeding profile liver function And manage conservatively

Sdh.... Burr hole and evacuation is needed.

Any history of trauma?? Anticoagulation? Or Antiplatelets use?? If none are there.. Need to get CT Angio brain or DSA on emergency basis and needs evacuation of ASDH....

RT FTP SSH with midline shift.Surgical intervention. IN our neurosurgical set up we win dilantise the person with eptoin and levipil.

Correction SDH

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Right SDH with mid line shift to left

Sub dural haemorrhage. Involving right fronto tempero pareital region need urgent surgical evacuation

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