Complicated UTI

A 45 year old male banker by profession Chief Complaints Complaints of Dysuria and dark coloured urine black/brown etc as per attendant History Chronic Alcoholic but abstinence from alcohol for last 20 days Known case of T2DM on Basal Insulin and OADs well controlled Investigations Advised for Urine CS and KFT too Management Advised him Tab Levofloxacin 750 OD and Tab Pyrdium 200 mg TDS both for 2 days, after which antibiotic can be decided as per culture report. Your views on this case? Does he need treatment for borderline prostatomegaly? No complaints of decreased stream of urine or increased frequency at night

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Prostate is small 29 cc, no need to treat prostate Diabetes causes increased post void residue because of autonomic dysfunction They usually have high post void residue, therefore when asking for Sonography, one can ask to calculate post void residue They will generally get help with medicines to reduce post void residue C. Urimax 0.4 mg at night time T. Bethanechol Urotone 25 mg one tablet three times a day

Sir cap Urimax .4mg ....use till??

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Hepatomegaly & Bilesalts present in urine Evaluation it Prostate is not giving any problems so no need of prostatectomy Cystitis is there you are taking care of it Strict control of diabetes Tab Urispas sos

Treatment per se is ok,but to prevent recurrent UTI,we should look for concreations and moderate prostatomegaly.better to treat prostatomegaly,in my opinion,rest as urosurgeon advice

Hepatomegaly Left renal cortical cyst Prostatomegaly Mild thicken & irregular Urinary bladder Advice investigation : Cbc, ESR,. CRP, LFT, RFT, Electrolytes,lipid profile, RBS, Complete urine examination, urine culture also Management : Levofloxacin 750 OD is good anti biotic choice Advice : TAB. Flavospas 200 mg BID TAB. PROSTAGAURD -D 8 MG OD NIGHT STRICTLY MAINTAIN DIABETES Lft & RFT Electrolytes should investigate & proceed Rest treat symptomatically.

Needs medical treatment for Prostatomegaly, immediate catheter fixation (indwelling Foley's)&dutasterde, urine cst

Just Tret UTI.Control Diabetes.

Cystitis/cystopathy. Treated with syp.Alkalizer / urinary antiseptic, Antibiotic.plenty of fluid/liquid intake.

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