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Mumps Causes - This disease is often caused by freezing. Symptoms - There is swelling in the lower part of the ear due to which there is pain. Spasms and pain also occur in both the jaws. • Aconite 30 - 1 drop, Pertidinum 30 - 1 drop, Belladonna 30 - 2 drops. Mix them all. And mix it in 15 grains of milk. These are the four quantities. Give one quantity after every 3 hours, there will be benefit. • Ferrum phos 12X - 3 grains, black mur 30X - 3 grains. Mix them. This is a quantity, give such quantities after every 3-3 hours. • Aconite Q - 1 drop, Ammonia acetas Q - 8 drops, Penicillin 6X - 2 drops, Belladonna 30X - 1 drop, Aqua - 2 drums. Mix them all. This is a quantity. Giving 3 such doses daily is beneficial in the disease. This drug is mainly useful for children up to five years old.



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