congenital hypothyroidism

Baby with characteristics features seen in photograph. Spot diagnosis



Congenital hypothyroidism.protruded tongue.distended abdomen.check for muscle tone.hypotonia may present.


Age of baby..and more detailed history. Investigate Tbyroid profile after 4 days of birth .

Down Syndrome

Hypothyroidism / Down's syndrome

@Dr. Nitesh Prasad Congenital Hypothyroidsm Congenital Macroglossia Down syndrome

Protruded tounge Hypothyroidism

This infant has large tongue ( macroglossia) with protuberant abdomen.Tracheostomy has been done to secure airway.No hypothyroid child would need that. My diagnosis for this case would be Beckwith Widemann syndrome(BWS).

Baby has very low tone, protruding tongue causing difficulty breathing , chubby - congenital hypothyroidism Face doesnt look typical of down's but maybe possible, karyotyping to rule out..

Protrude tongue Hypothyroidism case

Thanks@Sanjoy Sarkar sir
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