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Congestive heart failure

60 years old male who was recently diagnosed with CHF. His chest X-ray is showing a classical finding. Can you spot it ?


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phantom tumour with fissural effusion. Dr. khan

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ensysted effusion ?MRI HRCT With contrast o CT Guided FNAB. ?R/O Br.Ca.rcinoma

copd with cor pulmonale leading to rhf. also showing a fissural effusion!

emphysema leading to cor pulmonale with a large cyst in right lung.

Phantom tumor inoculated effusion in horizontal fissure

it disappears by itself after treatment of cardiac failure

ye. It is ' Phantom tumor' disappears after diuretic. If

Encysted inteefissure pleral effusion found in chf.

calcified empyema?CECT chest can better enlighten.

phantom tumour with fissural effusion. Dr. khan

phantom tumor with fissural effusion

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