29 years/ female complained of redness and watering in eyes with sand-like feeling in eyes since 3 days eyes agglutinated in the morning discharge- watery and sticky Pain on moving the eyes, reading better by closing the eyes and applying water menses- normal P/D conjunctivitis. Not relieved from belladona & argentum nitricum Suggest treatment doctors




Euphrasia 200

Rx pulsatilla 200/3dose weekly Arg.nit 30/tds for one week Mammira eye drops

Pyrimon eye drops आंखों में सुबह शाम डालें।

Rx Euphrasia 200 b.d x 2days & Euphrasia eye

Euphrasia eye drop

Pulsatilla 30 qid

Akshitarpan with mahatriphala ghrit

Consider Euphrasia

1. Seka with yastimadhu + haridra + triphala 2. Gandhaka rasayana orally

Drop oflaxacene Tab cifixime Vit E

Wash with salt water

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