29 years/ female complained of redness and watering in eyes with sand-like feeling in eyes since 3 days eyes agglutinated in the morning discharge- watery and sticky Pain on moving the eyes, reading better by closing the eyes and applying water menses- normal P/D conjunctivitis. Not relieved from belladona & argentum nitricum Suggest treatment doctors




Rx Euphrasia 200 b.d x 2days & Euphrasia eye

Euphrasia eye drop

Euphrasia 200

Rx pulsatilla 200/3dose weekly Arg.nit 30/tds for one week Mammira eye drops

1. Seka with yastimadhu + haridra + triphala 2. Gandhaka rasayana orally

Pyrimon eye drops आंखों में सुबह शाम डालें।

Marc sol 200 One dose then Eufrecea 30 4d

Netrabindu eye drops Triphalagrutham

Drop oflaxacene Tab cifixime Vit E

Akshitarpan with mahatriphala ghrit

चंद्रोदय वर्ति प्रातः वह सायं

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