Patient of age 36 years/ female complained of redness with dryness and watering in eyes since 10 days sand-like feeling in eyes eyes agglutinated in the morning discharge- watery and sticky Eyesight- normal Pain on moving the eyes, reading, better by closing the eyes and applying water menses- normal Suggest treatment doctors




Ailments from if we can correlate any, any other concomitants can help to differentiate various medicines. Onset and progress can also help. The symptoms given above are the common symptoms of conjunctivitis. Eliciting minute details with exactness, can secure the selection of medicine.

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Argentum nitricum . For red, swollen eyes with pus-like discharge and splintering pains. Pulsatilla . For conjunctivitis with yellow green discharge and itchy eyes that may accompany or immediately follow a cold.

Mostly conjunctivitis as per symptoms and signs *Please check any foreign body in the eye, which may be causing allergic reactions

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Arg nit -aglutination in morning sticky eyes redness

Dear Dr. Nipun Roy Sir, Advice for the case. Opthacare eye dropes.

Thank you @Dr. Twara Aashish

1. fitkari with gulab jala - extern . 2. chopchini ch. 1 gm shatavari ch. 1 gm giloya satva 500 mg yasad bhasm 125 mg su. gairik 125 mg twice with GHRITA + MISHRI - internl .

Eye wash with Triphala water.Opthcare eye drops 2-2-2-2

त्रिफला फांट से आंखों का परिक्षालन करें।

Neyra tarpan helpful with brahmi ghrita

Arg.nit.30/tds Mammira drops ext.

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