Eye problems, pain - due to conjunctivitis - This disease is caused by the effects of heat, dust smoke, lack of nutritious substances, dirt in the locality, etc. The disease often spreads as an infection. Symptoms - Eyes turn red, swollen, itchy, watery and sometimes pus also comes. Sometimes, the patient also has fever. . Euphrasia 30 - 2 drops, Aconite 3X - 2 drops, Belladonna 3X - 2 drops, Sugar of Milk - 30 grains. Mix them all. Make 6 units of it. Give one quantity every two hours. It provides relief in eye and fever. • Euphrasia 3 - two drops, Belladonna 30 - 1 drop, Natrum Mure 30 - 1 drop, Sugar of Milk - 10 grains. Mix them all. These are two units. Giving one such quantity at two to two hours provides relief in all symptoms like redness of the eyes, pain, water or pus.



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