Constipation signs, symptoms & homoeopathic medicines Constipation is common disorder of the gastrointestinal tract nowadays. In most of the peoples it occurs due to change in their daily hygiene. Today, Junked food & packaged food items available in market that are less in nutritional & dietary fibres that leads to constipation. If any abnormality occurs in body than it makes effects on the GI Tract with its symptoms like loss of appetite, abdominal pain etc. It may last for shorter & longer period. WHAT IS CONSTIPATION? Normally we can say that failure of voiding of feces from our body which produces discomfort is known as constipation. Our large intestine shows segmental & peristaltic movements which together works for facilitating absorption of substances like water & propels the waste contents towards the rectum through gastro colic reflex. Due to absence of movements in colon feces remain in large intestine for long time, resulting in absorption of fluid. So, stool becomes hard & dry in rectum. SIGNS & SYMPTOMS Difficulty in passing stools Abdominal pain Losing appetite Foul breath Furred tongue Sometimes, bleeding from rectum Inability to pass gases Irritability in abdomen CAUSES OF CONSTIPATION Dietary causes: – Eating food items lack of fibres & lack of taking liquids in diet. Drugs: – taking of drugs like narcotics, anti hypertensive drugs, anti depressants causes constipation.  Irregular Bowels habit: – Sometimes even after desire for voiding feces we not do it leads to constipation. Spasm of sigmoid colon: – It prevents motility of colon, results in constipation. Diseases: – Some diseases like collapse of intestine, tumour, amyloidosis, Stroke, chronic idiopathic intestinal pseudo-obstruction can leads to constipation. Change in daily hygiene:- When our daily dietary chart changes during travelling can cause constipation. Aging: – Metabolism of persons slows down in old ages causes constipation. COMPLICATIONS        Severe constipation leads us to serious conditions like:- Haemorrhage from rectum Inflammation in rectum & colon Tearing & wearing of anus Swelling of anus Loss of reflexes in some cases Loss of working of internal & external sphincters in some cases DIAGNOSIS It is self diagnosable when there is trouble in voiding feces. MANAGEMENT OF CONSTIPATION AT HOME Boost fibre intake capacity via eating more vegetables & fruits. Take at least 7-8 glasses of water a day. Avoid medicines & toxic substances. Avoid narcotics & drugs. Avoid holding in stools even after reflexes. Avoid so much eating bulky foods & junked foods Regular exercises & yoga HOMOEOPATHIC TREATMENT FOR CONSTIPATION Please take medicines in direction of homoeopathic physicians BRYONIA ALBA: When there is dryness of mucous membrane of colon, stool is dry, hard knotty & no desire for stool than bryonia alba is effective remedy. CAUSTICUM: If stool may be hard, soreness & rawness of rectum with frequent ineffectual desire than this remedy can be prescribed. GRAPHITIS: Graphitis patient is generally constipated. Stool is very hard, in large lumps, difficult to evacuate, knotty. Haemorrhoid protrudes while passing stool may also be found. LYCOPODIUM CLAVATUM: Constipation of infants. NUX VOMICA: With frequent ineffectual desire for stool and urine, with constrictive sensation and pressure in rectum and anus. SEPIA: Stool is large and hard, sensation of a ball in the rectum. SILICEA: There is sensation of weaknss which results in obstinate constipation so much so that faces is retained for a long time in the rectum. SULPHUR: Stool is very hard, knotty, dry as if brunt, large & painful than this is effective remedy. REFERENCES Text book of pathology – Harsh Mohan Essentials of Medical physiology – K sembulingum & Prema Sembulingum Homoeopathic Matria Medica – William BOERICKE, M.D. Matria Medica of Homoeopathic Medicines – Dr. S.R. Phatak Regional leaders- E.B. Nash Lectures on Homoeopathic Matria Medica – JT Kent Allen’s keynote- H.C. Allen Matria Medica- Dr. S.K. Dubey Dr Sanjay Gupta (M.O. PHHMC)



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