Continous abdomen and back pain

Female of age 50 Chief Complaints Pain back and right quadrant of Abdomen continous since 7 days Bilateral lower limb pitting edema Vitals Bp: 138/84 Pulse: 84 Investigations Hb:7.2 BUN ratio 2.2 ALAKALINE phosphatase:152 Hb1ac:6.2 Kft: NAD S.iron 28 Usg: grade one fatty liver


From history the pt is severely anaemic and has low sr iron is pt has iron deficiency anaemia Pain in RHQ seems to be vague or likely cholecystitis Adv TFT Treat and correct anaemia Give her ppis digestive enzymes Anti spasmodics

Sir in usg there is no cholecystitis Thyroid profile normal in range

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