Continuous belchings in pregnancy. How to manage?

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As body produces more progesterone in pregnancy that relaxes muscles of intestines Slowly moving intestinal muscle slows down digestion This allows gas to built up which in turn lead to burping bloating and flatulence Treatment drink lot of water Avoid aerated drinks Eat more fibre Exercise Reduce stress

Burping, bloating, flatulence is very common in pregnancy due to slow digestion, which is all due to increasing progesterone. It relaxes muscles. I normally advice ginger juice with honey to aid digestion. Chewing food properly helps in digestion, along with multiple small meals rather than a large meal at once. To not eat in a hurry. Walking after meals has it's own various benefits, aiding in digestion being one. If all this dosent help, which is highly unlikely, antacid like mucaine gel can be prescribed.

Sy digene 10 ml tds ppl bd then od 2 nd trimester most of drug safe bland diet 2 pillow while sleeping

Avoid omeprazole

Use antacids as pento dsr and ask the patient to take sauf and mishri time to time

Omez dsr will work Head elevation in night Avoid spicy food and areated drinks

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