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Corelate Vitamin D report !!! H/o Menstrual irregularities since 7 yrs Menorrhagia +



Excess production of hormone-like substances called prostaglandins can trigger painful periods. Vitamin D is known to reduce their production.

Prostaglandin can trigger painful periods vitD is known to reduce the effect VitD reduces menorrhagia

Give dhupana to yoni by putting sarala devadaru guggulu choornam taila ghee and katumatsya in fire. kapha-bhaya chikitsa:annabedhi,triphala phatika,mango seeds,nerale seeds, kusuma choornas with honey do lepa to yoni. If raktha pradara find out which dosha pradhana raktha pradara In raktha pradara-By using shreegandha kashaya or asnaadigana dravyas prepare grutham give uthara basthi(Guhyaroga chikitsa)

Vit,D3 deficiency ,severe Needs VitD3 60 k, once a week for 12 weeks , followed by once a month for 9 months Calcium supplements Exposure to sunlight Gynec opinion for menorrhagia

Vit D is known to reduce the effect and menorrhagia triggers painful period due to over production of prostaglandin hormone.

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