:: HERD IMMUNITY IN CORONA AND ROLE OF VACCINE IN DISEASE ERADICATION :: MODE OF ACHIEVING HERD (OR COMMUNITY ) IMMUNITY IN CORONA : 1. Interpersonal spread of the infection : It's said that if 70% of community people get any infection that is HIGHLY CONTAGIOUS then the whole community can achieve the immunity by interpersonal spread of that infection. Corona being HIGHLY CONTAGIOUS it might produce herd immunity THEORETICALLY. 2. Vaccine is another mode of proving immunity to the community people. WHY LONG TERM IMMUNITY NOT POSSIBLE IN CORONA : 1. Corona doesn't possess any fixed antigenic structure. It's structure KEEP CHANGING in regular time interval like other influenza virus. Till date at least 15-20 (don't know the exact figure) strains have been found. A person who gets an antibody through community spread of the infection against a particular strain may undergo infection by another strain in second attack. Secondly, the virus strain against which antibody is produced may change its structure after a few months so those antibodies no longer remain effective against that strain as well. 2. To produce a successful vaccine antigenic structure of ALL THE STRAINS OF THE VIRUS NEED TO IDENTIFY first otherwise it won't provide protection against all strains. But it's difficult to identify all of them. Another problem is if suppose the vaccine is produced successfully it might become ineffective after a few months or years due to its nature of CHANGE IN ANTIGENIC STRUCTURE. So its nothing but ruining of economy. THE OPINION IS PERSONAL AND MAY NOT HAVE ANY PRACTICAL RELEVANCE *



In India government not ready to accept community spread but herd immunity developed

Good morning sir what ever u said is absolutely right sir .... preacaitinons are very important.. wearing mask maintaining social distance and hand hyegine only saves us

Thank you doctor

Good one

Thank you doctor

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