• Epicac 30-10 drops, Senega 30-10 drops, Justicia 3X - 10 drops, Aqua - 2 oz. Mix all. This is 4 volumes. Giving 4 doses daily provides relief in every type of cough, especially dry and phlegmatic cough. Aconite 30-5 drops, Epicac 30-5 drops, Spanzia Tosta 30-5 drops, Hipper Sulfur 30-5 drops, Aqua-2 oz. Mix them. These are two units. In this way, giving four units per day helps in cough, cold, fever etc. • Justicia adhatida Q - 5 drops, Senega Q - 5 drops, Drosera Q - 5 drops, Ausimum Sanctum Q - 5 drops, Epicac Q - 3 drops, Aqua-1 oz. Mix them. This is a quantity. Giving three types of this type daily has special benefit in all types of cough. • Yerba Santa Q - 5 drops, Justicia adhatoda Q - 5 drops, Epicac Q - 3 drops, Makardhwaj Q - 3 drops, Manthapip Q - 2 drops, Bryonia Q - 1 drops, Aqua-1 oz. Mix them all. This is a quantity. In this way, giving three doses daily helps to cure all types of cough especially dry and cough.


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