Cough & cramping in legs

21 years old male patient recently recovered from mild symptoms of COVID-19. His recent test report is negative. He had dry cough and low grade fever for 10 days. Even though his report is now negative he is still having dry cough and throat irritation accompanied with muscular cramps in legs. Now temperature normal-98.5F He has been taking Ayush kwath from past 15 days with chwanprash 1 tsf BD Appetite reduced, does not feel hungry Bowel normal, clear once a day Micturation normal Prakriti vata pitta



As the body tries to fight an infection, weakness or muscle soreness may also occur. This is more common with pneumonia caused by a virus. If pneumonia induces a fever, chills can be a symptom of the fever

I found very effective cough Syp as Swasari quath low.of Patanjali at every stage.. Provide Mahaluxmivilas RAS+Shring Bhasam +Talisadi churan +Godanti Bhasam with honey+Adhrak ras bd. Amertarisht after diet. For quick controll Jaymangal Ras maybe used in case of fever up down if seems. As psycteric dose fear of Corona may run from the mind.@Amrit Tanwar .goo luck.

Glycoseptal mouth gargle Gargle 3-4 times with leukwarm water. Tab. Levoctrizine+Montelukast 1 tab OD AT EVENING X 10 DAYS. Tab. Multivitamin minerals - (Sp. Vit C, vit D3, vit E) Sy. Septilin 10ml BDPC X 1 MONTH. NEUTRATIONAL DIETARY SUPPLEMENTS AND COMPLETELY REST.

Giloya Ghan Vati Sudarshan Ghan Vati Lakshmi Vilasa Rasa Nardiya Talisadi Churna Gojihwadi Kwath. Vasavleha.

जय मंगल रस स्वर्ण युक्त 1 रत्ती गोहदन्ती भस्म 4 रत्ती महालक्ष्मी विलास रस स्वर्ण युक्त 1 रत्ती शहद में मिलाकर सुबह-शाम सेवन कराएं।

Dear Dr. Amrit Tanwar Sir, Advice for the case. Advice to take Gozi Syrup 1 tsp / hour. Shwasni Avaleh 1 tsp four times in a day.

Sudarshan ghanvati Yastimadhu ghanvati Sanshamni vati are used

Firstly adv some needful investigation like CBC urine examination.. B.sugar

China 200c once

Amrit Tanwar ji गिलोयघन वटी 2गोली सुदर्शनघन वटी 2 गोली सुबह शाम दे अश्वगन्धा चूर्ण 3 ग्राम सुबह शाम दूध से दे

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