Cough Fever Chief Complaints Coughing chest pain Fever


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Patient is uncontrolled diabetic. Very high HbA1C. Slightly elivated sgpt and sgot. Suspected pneumonia from the x-ray. Tuberculosis also suspected. Bacillinum 200 one dose. Chelidonium 30 tds ×7 days

Thank you Dr. Kalaiyarasi Suresh

Please advise for RT PCR , select acute medicine like Bryonia, Belladonna, Heper sulp etc. according to symptoms similarity

It may be case of covid19 Must take proper symptoms Rx Arsenicum album 30

Probably case of covid19 advice for RTPCR test. Rx Aconite nap., Bryonia,Bell, Arsenic alb.,justacia, lachesis,carbo veg, gelesemium. Perscribed on basis of totality

Bryonia Alb , Gelsemium may be helpful according to symptoms basis

@Dr. K.suresh Kuzhikandathil @Dr. Rupali Potade @Dr. Subodh Yagnik @Dr. Kanchan Kumar Sen @Dr. Debasish Sasmal

Bryonia 200bd with hot water and chelidonium q 10drops tds

Pneumococinum kali iod ocimum San

RT pcr shd be done Till den symltomatic treatment may be given if pt gc is gud


Bryonia200 daily 2 doses Kali carb 30ch 3,3drops thrice a day directly on tongue

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