Cough, SOB & Fever

Chief Complaint A 36-year-olld male presents with h/o asthma came with cough & Sob with fever for 10 days. Vitals BP: 125/85 mmhg, Resp rate: 27 bpm, Pulse: 73 b/min, Temp: 101.9 degree Ox saturation 87% on room. Examination Lung examination shows diffuse b/l crackles. Cardiac & abdominal examination normal. Investigations Chest xray shows diffuse bilateral nodules, groundglass opacification & pleural effusions. Hb: 14.5 g/dl Platlets: 165,000 WBC: 7500/µl. Diagnosis What is the most probable diagnosis? Treatment Advise the management of the case?

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Hypoxia with GGOs bilateral and pleural effusion in a asthmatic pt with present symptoms suggestive of covid19 pneumonitis and needs to be treated under ICMR protocols

Thanx dr Ashok Leel

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Evaluate for covid pneumonia though pleural effusion is rare in it. Throat swab RT PCR 2d Echo CD RFT Consider nasal oxygen support. Diuretics Iv steroids, antibiotics. Antiviral therapy after swab report.

Under present circumstances covid 19 virus Infection must be ruled out and protocols must be followed.

Thanks Dr Shivraj Agarwal

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Looks Covid 19 pneumonia

LRTI?? Advice chest xray pa Rule our covid 19 Ask for ongoing medication Meanwhile start 1)Tab:Clarithromycin 500 mg bd 2)Tab:Deriphyllin 150 mg tds 3)Tab:Dolo 650 tds Rest Warm water Nebulise witj duolin and budacort Reviews after three days with reports

Ruleout covid 19 By rt pcr Monitor vital Maintain saturation Go for viral screeu ok I'l

Covid to rule out.

First of all Go for rtpcr to exclude covid 19

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