Cough & weight loss

Chief Complaint A 69 y/o female presented with low vision in the right side. He was diagnosed with right-sided acoustic neuroma. 2 days before she suddenly complained of chest pain, cough, and weight loss. History She is a chronic smoker for the past 20 years. Vitals Vitals are wnl. Investigations Brain MRI & chest X-ray unremarkable. A whole-body PET scan did not reveal signs of primary or metastatic tumors. PET scan shows suspicion for malignancy in left lung hilum. Treatment What is your opinion on the management?



Needs further investigation and evaluation to conclude particularly for metastasis . Chemotherapy or radiotherapy under oncologist guidance.

Thanks Dr Anil Gangani

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Oncology opinion. Pt will require chemotherapy

Metastasis. Oncologist opinion, Radiotherapy, Chemotherapy. .

agree with @Kute Ankush @Pushker Bhomia Need'S Oncologist opinion Chemotherapy, Radiation...

Metastasis. chemo

Chemotherapy + Radiotherapy With consultation of an Oncologist

Oncologist opinion Further treatment and management..

Treatment that affects your entire body. Doctors call this systemic therapy. It includes chemotherapy and other medications, such as targeted therapy, hormone therapy, and immunotherapy. Treatment for the area with cancer. Doctors call this local therapy.

Oncologists opinion for further management..


Tnx Dr Ashok Leel sir

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