cough with blood

50 yr old female with cough sputum with blood one day . non diabetic nor hypertensive chest crepts on rt side . bp 150 90. hb 10 tlc 11000 est 54 . cxr for review . afb gram stain and culture awaited

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Bil hyperinflation and diffuse parenchymal infiltrating shadows seen. Left lower ribs crowded. Adv routine lab and CT thorax to rule out Infective etiology if any. Also ask for previous occupational history and pst mesical illness if any.

I dont think any noticableabnormality at present inview of radiogram. Other investigations are required to be performed to conclude.

X Ray chest is within normal limits ? Upper respiratory tract infection

LRTI. Blood may be due to excessive cough As u said. Report is awaited. Just give. Neb. Levolin. + Budacory. Tid. Syp. Grilintus BM. 10. Ml. Tid. Tab. Montair FX. Od.

X ray chest : WNL Diagnosis: RTI Etiology: looks like infective Investigation: CRP T/t : Antibiotics Antitussive Antipyretics

Hyperinflated lung fields with prominent bronchovascular markings Lt hilar region suspicious cavitory lesion Likely tubercular

Acute bronchitis

CXR-Bilateral diffuse reticulonodular opacity, left hilar prominent, left lower rib crowding/diaphragm elevated Possibly-?infective ?sarcoidosis ?CTD etiology With left lower lobe segmental collapse (?chronic) *do CECT thorax for further evaluation

X-ray chest normal Investigate further


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