Counselling Pregnant Women for COVID-19 Vaccination

Fact-Sheet to guide the Frontline Health Care Workers and Vaccinators- By MoHFW

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Salient points in the zoom meeting conducted by NHM : 1) All pregnant women should be vaccinated. 2) pregnant women should be vaccinated in all trimesters..even in first trimester 3) High risk mothers like preeclampsia, GDM, anemia etc should be given covaxin 4) Prev lscs and Rh -ve need not be taken as high risk. 5) Epileptic mothers and heart disease mothers should be vaccinated in medical college after opinions. 6)Patient on heparin, aspirin, ivf conceptions, DVT mothers need to be vacccinated in tertiary care ...if needed we can get expert opinion 7) Low risk mothers should be given covishield. 8) Td and covid vaccine can be given in the same day but at different sites , right and left arm like tat but in case if want to be on more safer side , then 2 weeks interval 9) Anti D and covid vaccine can be given on the same day but at different sites. 10) Covid vaccine can be combined with Blood transfusion and iron sucrose 11) Covid vaccine and sterilisation can go hand in hand. 12) Interval between 2 doses of vaccine is the same as for non pregnant adults. 13) Vaccine to be given for 18 yrs of age onwards only. 14) if mother is covid positive, leave 3 months gap before vaccination. 15) Counsel the mothers and vaccinate the pregnant mothers as soon as possible. 16) Vaccination status of the mother to be written ( preferably by a rubber stamp) in the RCH id card mentioning the date of first dose, what vaccine is given and date of second dose.If an AN mother is not willing for vaccine even after repeated counseling, tat is to be highlighted in the RCH card 17) Vaccinated mother should be followed up for 20 days by the vhn. 18) AN mothers referred to tertiary care for vaccination should be accompanied by the VHN. 19) women on long term contraceptive pills ...gwt an opinion and vaccinate. 20) As such no contraindication for covid vaccination in Pregnancy and aim to cover as soon as possible all AN mothers by vaccination..

Good thought but counciling to pregnant women is a very challenging job particularly in rural and semi urban areas. Continuous vaccine supply is not a gurantee and adverse effects of vaccination is needs a proper and detailed urgent work out particularly in fair sex.

Thanks Dr Dinesh Gupta

Not vaccination..

Yes, pregnant women must be counsell for COVID-19 vaccination as vaccines approved by Govt.of India.

Great ..well explained

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Safe but every vaccine have side effects After getting the vaccine injection, she can get a mild fever, pain at the injection site or feel unwell for 1-3 days. The long-term adverse effects and safety of the vaccine for foetus and child are not established yet. Very rarely (one in 1-5 lakh persons), pregnant women may experience some of the following symptoms within 20 days after getting the COVID-19 vaccination which may require immediate attention.


She take vaccine without any tension. Safe and preventive both.

Good but not use press.

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