58 years old female complains of shortness of breath cough fever admitted to ER done with ct scan Just to clarify likely Bilateral Milary Tuberculosis or COVID-19 spot diagnosis waiting for the rt - pcr For confirmation of COVID-19. What is your diagnosis?



Diffuse reticulonodular infiltration mostly in lt lower zone Bilateral fibrocavitory lesion with huge cavity in lt upper zone Rt fissural fibroband with parahilar calcified lymphnodes PTB with Secondary infection R/O Covid 19

Thanks Dr Sandeep Ghodekar

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billateral filtretion seen with cavity history of fever cough and shortness of breath it is pulmonary koch? with pnemonia 'LRI

roule out covod but miliary tubercolosis with secondary infection present

Fibrocavitatory lesions bilaterally s/o Koch's

In this covid season it should always ruled out. It could be TB, TB + covid, or çovid alone

Bil fibrocavitatory lesions and infiltrations around it noted. Left upper zonal destructive lesions forming large cavitary lesion. Findings favours Koch's. Though superadded infections like bacterial/ viral etiology should be rule out.

Typical covid19 bilateral pneumonia with Ards confirm by testdo ferritin interleukin

Yes it's Ground glass appearance bilateral so in my opinion it is due to COBID-19 PNEUMONITIS

Most likely to be Koch's as extensive cavitation is seen in the left lung along with bilateral infiltration and fissural thickening.

Covid 19

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