Juz wanted an opinion from seniors and experts that recently SERUM-covid 19 antibodies test is been in air... Lot of drs r prescribing to Patients What r the pros and cons of the test... I mean if positive than patient is exposed and cured??? Is he a candidate for plasma donation? Is he safe to be admitted in non covid hospital for any other medical ailments??? If negative than patient is not exposed,still a risk to catch up the infection??? Please request to all for keen advise to clear my doubts.. Thank you



IgG for COVID19 is done to know immune state of population at present. Higher IgG means immune state and previous exposure to infection. Negative value indicates susceptibility for infection is higher in that person. Those positive persons are eligible plasma donor.

The reports shows negative or positive for antibodies w titre No igg or igm status

Actually igG antibody test is doing which means he is infectied in the past, actually we need to check igm then only we can come to conclusion

Actually report dsnt show igg or igm It shows negative or positive fr antibodies

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