Covid 19 in Animals

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The US government’s Centre for Disease Control (CDC) has made official the emerging scientific evidence on Coronavirus transmission: 1. Very low risk of transmission from surfaces. 2. Very low risk from outdoor activities. 3. Very HIGH risk from gatherings in enclosed spaces like offices, religious places, cinema halls, gyms or theatres. These findings that have been emerging for a while need to be applied by people to manage the situation in the best possible manner. Time to reduce panic about surface transmission, and not be too eager to go back to office. LINK: LATEST FROM CDC, USA Q - Who is expected to catch CORONAVIRUS? Q - What does it take to infect? TO SUCCESSFULLY INFECT A PERSON, THE VIRUS NEEDS A DOSE OF ~1000 VIRAL PARTICLES (vp) The typical environmental spread of activities:

Recently it has been suggested that the risk of animals being carriers of COVID is miniscule and no direct relation as such has come forth

Some references are there in case of dog ,cat and in zoo animals but not in our country.More study to be required.

Yet no evdence found, As per my knowledge,