Covid 19 / Intermittent fevers / Sannipataja jwara

Good morning doctor's. I had a patient who has similar symptoms of Corona viral fever.. Test showed negative But this is the line of treatment I have adopted please check out and give your feedback. It's been 3 days and symptoms are slowing down and patient is active now, no more fatigue weakness Viral fever  : Oil pulling -Take 1 tsp of sesame or coconut oil in mouth , Do not drink ,swish in the mouth for 2-3 mins and spit it off  followed by warm water rinse This can be done once or twice a day Gargle with salt water +turmeric 2-3 / day Steam inhalation with Pudina + Ajwain+ tulasi 3-4 / day Have a glass of turmeric tea with out adding Milk Or Drink herbal tea / decoction made of Tulsi ,dalchini , kalimirch ,sunti and munnaka   twice a day . add jaggery or fresh lemon juice if needed Take 1 tsp of Rasayana every morning Use Nasal drops - Anutaila Drink lots of fluids Don't consume anything which is too cold or too hot Eat only freshly prepared food Have herbal teas or ginger teas Medicines - • Chandanadi lauha 3 a day / after food M . A. N •Sarvajwara hara lauha -3/ times after food M.A.N •  Swarna Malani  Ras  2 tabs /after food M N with sitopaladi churna or honey ●Maha Mrityunjaya ras. MA N 3 tabs/ after food Guduchi + pippali choorna + honey 1 tsp  ( or Samshamani vati) M A N  before food All these medicines should be taken before or after 30 mins intake of food. Check out on this




Hello doctor.. As the result came negative so no problem. As dosha u can give the treatment. Main in viral fever u will get more vataja lakshana along with pitta / kapha and agni vaishmya wil be there , our intention should be on agni improvement if pt bala is good. In jwara conditions taila gandusha is contraindicationed but u can use sa lavana ushna jala gandusha. Frequently water intake should be reduced, instead of plain water in vata kapha you can use shunti jala or shadanga paniya. In pita pradhana u can use jeeraka nd dhanyaka or shadanga paniya with out or less quantity of shunti. So ama pacah occur deepa also occur. 3) if vata kapha u can advice dshamoola katutrayadi or dashmoolarishta or amruta rishta. With anadabhairava or mritunjyaga, mahalakshmi villasa. In case of vata pitika u can use amrutitara ksh or maha sudarshana khada with drakshadi khada with sudharshana ghana vati ,maha lakshmivilasa. U till jwara gets subside don't use nasya. Ask the pt in pathya ahara.

Thank you doctor for your wonderful inputs.. I advised patient to have lukewarm lemon and ginger is super hot in this area.. and it ads in dehydration also

Very aptly taken care of, by building immunity which helps to fight any disease. Basic of lifestyle modification. Useful.

Dr Ranjit Kumar Poriya Homeopathy Congratulation Mam. Treatment Continue.

What is the age of patient. Ma'am? Where is the patient? According to age and area you can reduce the amount of adult patient no need of that much medicine i think. In Rajasthan 75% recovery rate with single drug like guduchi ghan vati.

Make sure he not a False Negative case @Sameera Madanmohan.D

Sure doctor.. Patient tried to get test but they would do only after 15 days.. waiting for it doctor

Your protocol helps in building immunity. Good to know, Doctor.


Thank you doctor

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