COVID-19 Pneumonia & Risk Factors for ARDS & Death

What are the risk factors for development of ARDS and progression from ARDS to death in patients with COVID-19 pneumonia?

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My opinion it is lymphocytosis as rest of factors like neutropenia or high D-dimer ie inflammatory markers are controllable But poor response to infection and progression to pulmonary fibrosis and hypoxia are the developments goes beyond control leading to ARDS and death

Thanx dr Suhel Pasha

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Technically high D-Dimer should be answer Etiology:- Ace2 + Virus--->T cell depletion Virus travels spleen and lymph nodes Because lymphocyte dysfunction is seen Which implies Lymphopenia Th1 + monocyte,Neutriphis,Monicytes--->IL6, IL1 beta(Cytikine storm) -Nutrophills are increased but the option says neutropenia -Lymphopenia is seen So Answer should be High D-Dimer

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Thanks doctor

C - High D Dimer level means more thrombosis and more risk of multiple organ failure .

higher d dimer level is a risk factor for respiratory distress syndrome in covid 19

High ddimer levels Lmwh bd 5 days


Certain risk factors, were associated with developing ARDS and dying among patients with confirmed COVID-19, most likely due to a weaker immune response. High fever was paradoxically shown to increase ARDS but to decrease the risk of death. Treatment with methylprednisolone decreased the risk of death among patients with ARDS.

High d dimer

High D-Dimer levels

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