35 years female, family friend, presented with cough, breathlessness, loss of smell, taste and body ache, decreased appetite She is nondiabetic, nonhypertensive She was also having slight blood tinged Sputum She was clinically suspected as COVID 19 Well informed consent was taken. She was started on Inj Glargine insulin 4 units every day, Tablet Ecosprin 75 mg once a day Her blood sugars were monitored - theyv were normal Her RT PCR test for COVID 19 came positive She was continued on her Glargine insulin and Ecosprin On second day her sense of smell and taste returned and her breathlessness became normal, her appetite improved On day 6 -7 she was free from cough was completely asymptomatic Today day 10 continues to be asymptomatic



Glargine insulin Decreases ACE2 receptor, decreases binding of SARS COV 2 to ACE2 receptor It decreases entry of virus in to cells It improves immune function and decreases inflammation and cytokine formation It has multiple mechanism of action in treatment of COVID 19 However one should check for blood sugars regularly and prevent, identify and treat hypoglycemia

Sir see I told u na that sr urea and uric acid elevtaed or decrease or deranged It's my observation and it can taken to diagnostic approaches for covid 19

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Keep continuing conservative treatment Why hemoptysis?

Very good information by respected sir Dr Jayeshbhai

Excellent new modality is working our surgeon has demonstrated cases this case support

What about vit c,inj lmwh sir?

Sir what about bronchodilator? Antibiotic? Inj/tab vit c? Tab fabiflu?

Good information

It’s Really A good thing to hear And Thank you for sharing this Protocol

Sir why ecosprin ? And what about antibiotics?

It's wonderful treatment and Hypoglycemia effects will get more we have to take by routine checkup

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