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Updates My concern is hyperglycemia induced by covid19 infection as people who were never having hyperglycemia are now detected as diabetic. Probably they were at prediabetic stage as we know sarcov2 is hitting beta cell of pancreas hence insulin synthesis and compunded by steroid therapy in covid hence we need to be very alert when attending covid or post covid long illness cases. Warning by WHO is to be considered as fresh breakout in pandemic in states like USA is a concern and mortality rate may increased as all our efforts or medical aids are finding no where either in dx or mx

Thanx dr Md Altaf Hussain

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Updates :- Ayurvedic medicine coroquil-ZN has completed phase 3 trial in Bengaluru for treatment to covid 19 mild to moderate condition. A Baba has already done it more than 6 months back with surprisingly our health minister standing to next . A welcome step at present we are looking for any pathy to cure infected population may it be sympathy. Global covid 19 death rise by 21 % And likely to increase further as time passes on. A new challenge to handle Hyperglycemia after covid infection may be due to steroid use in post recovered pts or pts with history of DM. Daily new challenges are throne to medical fertanity to tackle various complications during treatment or in recovered pts . A very difficult time to cop up and prepare for the worst.

Thanks Dear Hussain

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Good news from Ayurvedic side. At the same time death rate published by WHO is too high. Why it happens? Is the failure of protocol given by WHO? Think. Diabetes in children with no H/O DM prior to covid is also a pathatic condition. Study should be needed in children for post covid DM treated for covid with other systems of medicine other than allopathy.

Clinical trials of Coroquil-Zn WHO's Covid data Analysis New wave of Diabetes;Hyperglycemia lasting long post infection. Delayed convalescence and effects lasting after an acute infection can be cured well by Homoeopathic treatment and patients level of health is brought back to the pre disease state and can also get improved.

Thank you @Dr. Narendra Kumar , @Md Altaf Hussain , @Dr. Dinesh Gupta

Every second person out of 5 is diabetic in India. And due to covid now the number is rapidly increasing. Even young people are getting affected to hyperglycemia Its very important to change our dietary lifestyle as per the scenario We in India are prone to eat sugar more with no exercise. Since the pandemic has started life has become sedentary due to work from home for many,it's better to take up some activity and maintain health

Now Ayurvedic Medicine Coroquil-Zn completed phase 3 trial at a hospital in Bengaluru for tt of mild to moderate Covid. The highest numbers of death per 100,000 population over past wk were observed in Americans & South-East Asia : WHO. Covid-19 may bring new wave of Diabetes in Postcovid population with NO h/o DM ? Thanks for today's updates.

Yes Right , *Delhi Pharma University Nears Landmarks , AYURVEDIC medication For COVID-19 Patients . It's is Good Initiative , because Ayurvedic Medication Has No Side-Effects , Whatever We give To Covid Patient in Ayurvedic Medications. And They Medicine Also Efficacious but Till Some Months Then Got Result is good . But Patient's not Wàit for Long Term Days . They Treat / Heal ,Well Quickly WITHIN some Days ,So That's not Possible for COVID patient. **Global Covid death's increasing By 21% , ** Obviously High Blood sugar level Increasing Number of Post Covid Patient Seen in Last 2 Months .But They not Following Proper Dietary And also Schedule . That's causes Rise HYPERGLYCEMIA Cases In New Wave of DIABETES.

-Delhi's pharma University nears landmark for Mild to moderate Covid treatment with Ayurveda -WHO Says global Covid deaths up by 21% ,cases could exceed even more in 2 weeks -Covid-19 Might bring new wave of Diabetes since Hyperglycemia could last long post Infection.

-Delhi's pharma University nears landmark., breakthrough Ayurvedic treatment for mild to moderate Covid -WHO says global Covid deaths rise by 21% and cases could exceed in 2 weeks -Covid-19 may bring new wave of Diabetes since Hyperglycemia could last long post infection as per research from Boston children's hospital.

Very informative daily short cut updates about COVID -19 . Thanks for sharing useful updates Sir

Thanks Dr Twara Ashish

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