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Lambda & Kappa are variants of interest while DELTA is a "variant of concern". No lambda Virus detected in India & Kappa Virus is not new in India. After pandemic COVID-19 may be endemic like influenza virus with flue like symptoms. Nice updates.

Thanks Dr.G.Ram Saini & Md.A.Hussain.

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Updates Variants of intrest are kappa and Lambda While delta is variant of concern as flashed in all 4updates Genome sequencing is of importance to detect the variants News of kappa seen in up case is of intrest Good learning

Thanx dr Rakesh Kayasth (pt)

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Nice information.. Useful information.. Uttar Pradesh detects first case of Kappa covid 19 variants.. Government on covid lambda variants in india.. We should be Watchful... Covid May become Flu like endemic, Annual vaccine for At risk the IMCR... Why Kappa variants of covid 19 is less of a concern than Delta... Nice information uploaded... Thanks doctor

Thanks doctor

Weekend daily updates . Kappa variant in UP in routine genome sequencing ..High alert for UP . Variant of interest for Study and research . 2- Sure Delta is variant of concern and threat .Now people should take special care. 3-Lambda variant and Kappa variant of interest .Lambda not seen in India till date . 4-Covid -19 just one more places like flue like endemic as people use to vaccine for Flue . Seasonal endemic ..that will be good for whole world .

It's very dangerous situation for us. Many COVID -19 variants has been detected after Lambda variant Kappa variant. It's a chain of COVID -19 variants. Delta - Lambda -Kappa. Thanks for sharing useful updates Sir.

Thanks Dr Dinesh Gupta

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Nice updates: Kappa and Lambda variants are voi ,so significance and dangers are yet to be classified.Covid may become flu like virus in coming years requiring anual vaccination?

Exactly as said in the beginning of 2020 that it will never end but gradually become as an endemic disease seen sporadically affecting susceptible individuals when coming in contact. Symptomatology shall vary from flu like to the deepest bone affection depending in the level of health of that individual.

Uttar pradesh detects first Kappa variant during routine genome testing june 13th Kappa variant may not be of a concern compared to Delta says WHO ICMR experts say covid may become flulike endemic just like influenza 100 years ago caused a pandemic

More research on factors influencing the rapid mutation of virus to workout GUIDELINES FOR PREVENTION -Dr indira

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