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The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has put huge pressure on doctors and many of you are working Day & Night. So we have brought a Short Cut way for you to Stay updated with COVID related information. Watch this space for Daily Updates



Updates 1 post covid syndrome in adults is virtually same as multi system organ inflammatory syndrome seen in children but as we know this is life threatening in paediatric group if not detected earliest and treated timely and effectively This is to suggest none of age at no time can get away from covid and it's complications 2 certainly excessive and undocumented use of these nutrients just in the name of immunity are more harmful than useful 3 protection to sarcov2 and its variant by present variety of vaccines is good news and encouraging one

Thanx dr Rakesh Kayasth (pt)

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Nice information.. Useful information.. Covid 19 related multisystem inflammatory syndrome not exclusively to children... Excessive use of detoction and Vitamin leads to increased cases of Anal fissure.. Constipation... AstraZeneca prizer vaccine effective against delta Covid 19 variants... Study.. Nice information... Uploaded sir..

Thanks doctor

Good morning & thanks for Daily updates . 1-Very alarming multisystem inflammatory syndrome not only in children but all others disease complications from disease like blood clots, CVD, kidney and liver injury ..just like like all adults .So we should be taken care of with awareness. 2-AstraZeneca vaccine how much effective for all the varients ? Always a question . 3-Anal fissure and other complications are reported due many vitamins and other ayurvedic medicine .All are due to Masala Medicine .

Good Morning for today's updates: Post Covid MIS not exclusive to children ? Till date no any information that current generation of vaccines including AstraZeneca & Pfizer effective against Delta COVID-19 variants. Excessive use of Vitamins & Decoction as immunity supplements may lead to constipation & Anal Fissure.

Nice updates:MIS is also occurred in adults,Covisheild is effective against delta as well kappa variant .Unnecessary use of vitamins and Iran to be avoided.

Nice updates about multisysytem inflammatory syndrome after vaccination results. But vaccination must be continued to save the maximum lives. Thanks for sharing useful information Sir

Thanks Dr Ved Prakash Singh Sir

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An individuals response to the new infection is dependent on the internal environment of that individual. The signs and symptoms develop in which systems is determined by the body's inherent mechanism. Hence each individual suffers differently. Genetics is one part of this inherent mechanism. 2) Anything in excess is harmful. Balance is the key and is applicable in every aspect of life.

Excessive Vitamin intake may pose the threat to Anal Fissure. Post Covid sequels includes blood clots, CVD, kidney & Liver issues And Is not exclusive to children No evidence of wide spread escape from Delta and kappa variant From current AstraZeneca and pfizer vaccines.

Informative thanks


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