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The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has put huge pressure on doctors and many of you are working Day & Night. So we have brought a Short Cut way for you to Stay updated with COVID related information. Watch this space for Daily Updates



Good morning .. Good Daily updates 1-Covid -19 vaccines losing effect anginat Delta variant ..It right then big challenge . Losing potency .New Vaccines are required . 2-North India 2nd wave over but not in South India.In South India chances of mutations is very high and south will be epicenter of 3rd wave . 3-In my opinion booster dose is required to get better immunity .Many countries are trying for the booster Doses. 4-2DG is not so much effective as it was said earlier .

Nice information Useful information... Covid 19 vaccine losing effect against delta variant,says WHO Official... Is India 2 Nd doses covid 19 wave over not completely say expert... Is booster covid vaccine shots needed..WHO chief scientist say.,.. Higher antibiotics level.. preparation.. DRDO DRL s 2nd drugs for Covid 19 treatment gets delayed..... WHO scientific research available for covid 19 vaccine....

Thanks doctor...


Very informative update regarding COVID -19 Delta Variant and potency of vaccination in 2nd wave of coronavirus. Thanks for sharing useful information Sir

Thanks Dr Ved Prakash Singh Sir

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In the situation where there are constellation of mutations and vaccines would likely lose their potency, homoeopathy as a system of medicine can come handy as it is based on the terrain. Like a seed cannot grow in unfavorable soil, similarly no virus or bacteria can grow in the unfavorable host system.

Thank you @Dr. K.suresh Kuzhikandathil

Thanks for sharing latest updates. Most challenging news is that existing COVID-19 vaccines loosing effect against 'Delta Variant':-.(WHO) Is it possible to make new effective vaccine against this lethal Delta Variant within a short span of time.?? If yes then good for future & if no then what will be the consequences in future.? It will be good if booster covid vaccine shot given in future. I think India's 2nd COVID-19 wave yet not completely over. ?Still cautiousness & alertness needed. Its bad luck that still DRDO's 2DG drug for covid under controversial condition & not launched by Dr.Reddy's. See u again tomorrow.

Nice updates:Vaccines losing effects against delta variant, is this reason why China getting new cases? Booster doses are needed but if it is not effective against new variants, what is the solutions? 2nd wave are probably ceased (fingers crossed).


Nice update

nice information, thanks.

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