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The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has put huge pressure on doctors and many of you are working Day & Night. So we have brought a Short Cut way for you to Stay updated with COVID related information. Watch this space for Dialy Updates



1 regarding RT PCR Yes this is timely and important guide line given by ICMR accordingly there is no need to repeat RT pcr once positive to ensure he has turned negative as that is neither required nor relevant as pt is supposed to be in quarantine for 2weeks after discharge by than he turns negative as well as develops antibodies hence no longer he remains carrier. 2 regarding covid deaths due to oxygen shortage Yes it is genocide and criminal act by whomsoever is doing Culprit must be hanged so that message goes out to community so to save nobality of profession as problem seems to be man made rather the scale of it seen Same goes with Remdesivir shortages 3 yah some lions are found covid positive in their cages of zoo shows attendents are transmitting rather animal to human Yes zoo's and public visitors should be totally lockdown infinitely

Thanx dr Md Altaf Hussain

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Surprised to know that Lions are affected by COVID 19 in India .Are there any mortality?Does the streets dog are similarly affected as used to get left over from so many COVID affected households?Covid may get chance to mutate further and come out with further deadly versions?

Useful educative update.

Thanks Dr Kute Ankush

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Timely knowledge sharing is just like immunity booster for us . Thanks for upgrading us .


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Nice update

Very important and useful guidelines by ICMR for RT-PCR, RAT. Thanks for sharing

Updated ...thanks

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