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Updates Disgusting news today none is good out of three Delta variant is more virulent seen in pregnant women is disgusting finding So as person vaccinated also carrys same virions as nonvaccinated than how we can promote vaccination Lastly CDC calls new response to delta variant for vaccination and universal masking No doubt appropriate covid behaviour and vaccination are only weapons available for fight and we have to promote and abide with it.

Thanx dr Rakesh Kayasth (pt)

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Updates Compared to normal covid infection in pregnant mothers alpha and delta variants caused progressively more serious disease in pregnant women as per reports published. Study showed that vaccinated people's are carrying same amount of virus infection of covid 19 equal to unvaccinated or after 1 shot Center for disease control ( CDC ) Or UK authorities call for a new Response to highly contagious delta variants. Vaccination and covid appropriate behavior including masks , social distention and sanitation hand and washing. Nice informative updates.

Thanks Dear Hussain

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Compared to Orignal corona virus alpha and delta virus cause severe infection in pregnant women as per Andrew Johnson

Nice updates:New variants alpha/delta cause more serious and progressive disease in pregnant.Rate of transmission is same by vaccinated if infected.And delta variant is highly contagious and required universal masks and mandatory vaccines to all esp health workers.

Nice information.. Useful information.. Uploaded.. Thanks doctor..

Thanks doctor Dinesh Gupta

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Thanks a lot for your(respected ADMIN members)kind courtesy. HAPPY FRIENDSHIP DAY-proud of you for sharing daily updates of Covid 19 pandemic , Global crisis -regards Dr indira

Nice updates about alpha and delta variants. Guidlnes strictly followed to be protected.

Sir, is there any study ?-regarding the incidençe& severity of Delta variant covid infection in relation to Bl groups of mother& child ???

1-Pregnant women should take precautions against Covid 19 pandamic . infection as they are more prone . 2-Vaccinted individual are more risky for society as they are careless and carrier of SARS-CoV 2 virus . 3- Health worker should care of this vaccination schedule


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