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The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has put huge pressure on doctors and many of you are working Day & Night. So we have brought a Short Cut way for you to Stay updated with COVID related information. Watch this space for Dialy Updates



Updates 1 not superised to read the new borns were positive of covid in odisha's Berhampur as earlier too a case was reported here in pune and was said to be vertical transmission of infection despite mother is negative. Needs further studies and suggest a strong recommendation of vaccination of pregnant women probably 2nd trimester should be starting 1st dose 2 availability of sputnik v and launching vaccination is good news and rest of vaccines too will be available It is matter of patience and international nitty gritty

Thanx dr Ashok Leel

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Nice update. New born positive, parents negative a new feature of COVID virus Infection. During this period of corona pandemic every citizen get free vaccine as social obligation and a poor average indian was left on mercy of god ,no medicine,no bad ,no oxygen despite of all everything in country available in black market and govt answer is everything going well and we have sufficient quantity but all promise goes on.

Thanks Dr Shivraj Agarwal

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It's good that we get regular updates on COVID-19, thanks for it to Curofy news. It's matter of debate and research that how 2 new borns in Odisha became Corona positive while their parents are negative. May be due to airborne infection or infected by any delivery conducting medical staffs or attendants who may be asymptomatic carrier.?


Alarming new born baby positive but monther is negative more elaborate study should be done . Sputnik V is about to available within week in India for vaccination .Now vaccines are hope to combat this Covid 19 global pandamic . Thanks for sharing updated knowledge

Check antibodies of carona in Parents So if antibodies they are resistant Herd immunity in parents Subclinical infection


Informative update on COVID vaccines updates and possibilities for saving lives by upcoming vaccines. Hopefully all will well very soon. Thanks for sharing useful information Sir.

If parents are -ve & newborn is +ve , the test should be repeated to rule out false positivity, largest study done in india has not shown vertical transmission ,so if repeat test is +ve means source is airborne.

Addition of one more vaccine is good news

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