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Updates. It's evident in india also there is so many complaints of long covid 19 case as find in british ranging from visual disturbance,tremors,change in MC in female pts, sexual distinction , palpitation , bladder control issues and memory loss etc list is endless. 1 to 2 yrs crucial days to minimize the effect of infection vaccination and covid appropriate behaviour can save you. Stay safe stay home. The drugs research is still going on to treat covid , more than 200 drugs including antimalarial and antiviral drugs are tested to counter covid . Informative and educative post.

Thanks Dr Narendra kumar

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Updates 1 British Led study suggestive of multi system involvement in post covid long illness as cited and seen in >200 cases It is just to state there is no escape whichever system you think and symptoms are present so be ready as a practitioner or expert to treat each and every one irrespective off 2 more than 200 potential drugs in treatment of covid as listed suggest whole pharmacy will fall short to treat this dragon 3 suggestion to learn to live with covid is just to state now it will be part and parcel of your life and and profession.

Thanx dr Narendra Kumar

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British - led study >200 symptoms of long COVID -19 an alarming situation for us how to be conscious about diverse range of symptoms. Let's be ready to fight with next level of COVID -19 effects .Thanks for sharing useful daily updates Sir about COVID -19.

Thanks Dr Askok Leel Sir

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-British led patient finds >200 symptoms of long COVID like Visual hallucinations, Tremora, Itchy skin, changes to menstrual cycle, Sexual dysfunction...etc -AIIMS doctors urges people to be careful for next 1 to 2 years to minimise the effects of infection -200 potential drugs tested for Covid treatment including Chloroquine,Ritonavir,Lopinavir...etc

Great .. Daily updates 1- All the sign and symptoms are present in Covid 19 positive Patients except fracture .My friends use to make joke .That is being said by British -led Pt study ..more than 200 symptoms in Long Covid 19. 2-AIIMS doctors are saying ful Next 125 days ..Herd immunity will be there . Since then take care of each other and follow golden rule of Covid 19 pandamic .. Masking Social distancing and hand washing . 3- 200 potential drugs .. Good but required more effective and efficient drugs for Covid 19 treatment .

Thank you sir for your nice courtesy. 200 S/s are to be taken care-identification of specific GENE concerned for the Entry× Human cell-KNOCK OUT GENE Procedure if adopted future generation will be non infective -2 Robotic ACE2 receptor in the form of Nasal Spray -Worth for clinical trials regards Dr indira

Good Morning, Today's updates: >200 symptoms of long COVID-19: British Pt study. Till now 200 potential drugs tested for covit treatments including antimalarial & antiviral both. Be careful of next 1 to 2 yrs & maintain covid appropriate behavior: AIIMS doctor urges.

Nice information... Useful information updated... Uploaded... thanks a lot of doctor...

Thanks doctor

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Precaution is always better than cure. Covid is a disease where one need to be always precautious. Vaccination, santisation and masking should continued at least for a year

Contd Research on post covid S/S -humble suggestion -use of Turmeric, Tulasi,Vit E, Clove,Gudchi,ceeplus(vit D , vit c, Zinc)Garlic-Environmental pollution to be taken care -regards Dr indira

Good to hear daily news upgradation related to covid on daily basis.More then 200 included as long covid symptoms,and 200 drugs tested for probable covid treatment.Need of hrs is covid appropriate behaviour,covid appropriate behaviour and covid appropriate behaviour.

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